5 ways to freshen your basic look and stay stylish this winter

As we head into the new year and winter season, we can start to feel like were in a rut.  The weather gets cold and the days get shorter.  It's easy to start to lose the motivation to keep ourselves together.  I mean what's better than throwing on sweatpants on a cold day.  Perfect, if you're not leaving the house.  Here are my tips to freshen your look and keep yourself feeling good.

In the winter, I love to throw on leggings and basic long sleeve tees that are easy to wear.  But here are the ways, I change up my simple outfit to look fresh and put together.

1.  Add a little statement.  My go to outfit is Posh's a little knotty long sleeve tee with a pair of our perfect fit flying monkey or YMI mid rise jeans and a pair of boots.  I freshen this look with a statement necklace or a blanket scarf.  This can transform one basic look into 3 different outfits in my closet.  By adding a unique statement necklace, i look stylish and on trend.  Adding a blanket scarf keeps me right up on the current season trends.

Posh Boutique Freshen your look for winter

2. Throw on a vest.  Whether it's a Posh puffer vest or a cute lightweight knit vest short or duster this can really take your outfit to the next level.  I always get a ton of compliments every time I throw a vest over a basic. 

posh novi freshen your winter look with a vest

3. Add cute details.  Throwing on a CC beanie or a pair of boot cuffs/socks/legwarmers provide an extra trendy details to your basic everyday look.  Not to mention, it's actually one of the most inexpensive ways to add a little fun.

Posh Novi Freshen your winter look with accessories


4. Cuff your jeans and throw on a pair of heels.  It offers a cool yet edgy style to an everyday outfit.

Posh Novi Freshen your look by cuffing your jeans and throwing on a pair of heels

5. Add a pair of fun printed leggings.  I LOVE adding a little flair by pairing a cute pair of print leggings with my basic a little knotty tee.  It will transform your basic into completely different outfit with a quick yet inexpensive piece.  Pair with tall boots and you will look super stylish.

Posh Novi Freshen your winter look with printed leggings

What do you think of my 5 fun and easy ways to transform your basic tops to freshen your everyday look?  Do you have any other tips?  Please share your ideas with us below!

Mel <3

Melissa Malesky
Melissa Malesky


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