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Healthy Eats - Homemade pita chips

August 02, 2016

Happy Monday! As we all start a new work week, Mondays can feel discouraging.  It's the beginning of 5 days of work before we get another few days off.  I like to look at Monday's as another fresh start.  A day to set a new goal or start something new.  Maybe it's starting a healthier lifestyle or a summer bucket list.  I have done the "yea, I'll start that next week or tomorrow."  Tomorrow comes and goes and nothing.  Our quote for today:


So whether it is your nutrition, exercise, going for a new job, starting a new business or just making extra time for fun activities with your kids, today is a great day to start. Monday is a new week to start a new routine.  Go for it and make this week your week of change!

It's also a perfect quote for Posh since today is the day we finally decided to restart our blog.  I always feel too busy to start another project but this has been something I have wanted to do for awhile.  We want to provide a place to share the latest in fashion & style but also to share fun stuff for everyday life.

Our healthy recipe of the day is homemade pita chips.  This is so easy and inexpensive.  This is Darby's (Posh Doll & another Posh blogger) mom's recipe.  She brought them into Posh one day and my family went nuts because they were so good. 

This is all you need! Oh and of course and oven. ;) The best part is you can change up the flavor.  Instead of using garlic powder you can use sea salt, onion powder or other types of seasoning.  I LOVE garlic so that's what we went with.

What you need:
6 whole wheat Pitas, cut into triangle pieces
I used 1 tsp. of olive oil per pita bread but you can use 3 tbsp for all
Garlic powder to taste
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Mix the olive oil & garlic powder in a bowl and toss with pita bread triangles
Add the pita bread to a cookie sheet but don't let triangles touch each other|
Bake for 10-12 min











Voila! So easy & so good!  I love dipping them in hummus but my hubby loves dipping them in salsa and avocado dip.  It makes for a great snack especially if you are trying to pick healthier options!








Enjoy! XOXO, Mel

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